Funko Exclusives – Electronic Entertainment Expo 2019

Electronic Entertainment Expo (commonly referred to as E3 for short) will be held Tuesday, June 11 through Thursday, June 13 in 2019. This is always a fun event for the latest video game announcements, and brings new Funko exclusives to the table every year.

EDIT: E3 is live! Here’s the link to all the GameStop Funko Goodies!,28zu0

This year is no exception, as we’ll be seeing the following lineup:

Pop! Games 506: Fallout 76 – Excavator Armor

Shared with GameStop

A take on the common Excavator armor, but now with an added rifle to kick things up a notch.

Pick up rating: 2/10

Review: This is sadly just the normal common but with a gun added on. Power Armor is always been a good pick up, but only get this one for personal collection.

Pop! Games 150: Witcher – Ciri (Glow-in-the-Dark)

Shared with GameStop

Ciri now with added power!

Pick up rating: 6/10

Review: The common Ciri has maintained a pretty steady value of $9 on PPG. However, with the cool coloring and glow in the dark status, this is a decent pick up.

Pop! Games 508: Borderlands – Maya

Shared with GameStop

As an infant, Maya was identified as a Siren and given to the Order of the Impending Storm. Now you can snag her in POP form, thanks to E3.

Pick up Rating: 8/10

Review: This is a totally new figure for the Borderlands collection which has always had a pretty good value on PPG. Any completionist will give this “must have” status to complete their collection.

Plus, we have a new Borderlands coming out in September! If you can get your hands on her, grab 2!

Pop! Games: Overwatch – Hanzo and Genji (2-pack)

Shared with GameStop

Kabuki Hanzo and Oni Genji join a long list of Overwatch exclusives!

Pick up rating: 5/10

Review: While these are cool unique models, two packs Pops rarely increase in value. Overwatch already has an overwhelming amount of Funko pops, which will make this one easy to overlook. Only snag this if you’re willing to gamble and ok with it turning into personal collection.

Pop! Games 457: Gears of War – Kait Diaz

E3 Convention Exclusive

Corporal Kait Diaz, often called Kaitie by her mother, was a former Outsider turned Gear in the post-Locust War era.

Pick up Rating: ??/10

Review: Hologram/Glitter variant of the common Kait Diaz from the new Gears of War line. No known shared location. If this is a convention only exclusive and you’re at the event, snag her up!

Pop! Games 556: Disney’s Kingdom Hearts 3 – Sora (Lion Form)

Shared with GameStop

We now get Sora’s Lion form! At least he kept the anime hair when blending in among the Lion King characters.

Pick Up Rating: 6/10

Review: With KH3 wrapping up, and the new “live action” Lion King movie releasing, this is probably a good pick up! No Donald/Goofy form yet, but at the same time…. do we really need another Goofy Pop that strikes fear into your soul?

Pop! Games 509: Fortnite – Battle Hound (Glow-in-the-Dark)

Shared with GameStop

Battle Hound is a legendary outfit and is part of the Laoch Set. The Battle Hound outfit features a bronze and leather armor with a blue cape and chain-mail battle armor.

Pick up Rating: 5/10

Review: Fortnite is still hot, and still going with no signs of leaving any time soon. Fortnite commons are usually over printed (as seen on PPG), but the commons fetch a slight increase in value as of now. With this being an exclusive mold and Glow in the Dark, you should pick this one up if able.

Pop! PEZ: Disney’s Kingdom Hearts 3 – Donald Duck

Shared with GameStop

Donald Duck is known as one of Sora’s faithful and trusted 
companions. So let’s jam his head on a Pez!

Pick up Rating: 1/10

Review: Nothing wrong with the Pez series, but these are strictly personal collection for the time being. Get a good look at him, because you’ll be seeing him at GameStops for a while.

E3 2019 Exclusive Shirts!,28zu0

For the clothes enthusiast, there’s also a few new shirts to choose from.